Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Healer for the Ages

I wrote this poem in remembrance of Bill Mitchell who was a friend, colleague, teacher, and mentor to me over the years since meeting him in 1978. For me, Healer for the Ages captures the true essence of this man who had such a major impact on our lives.
Thank you, Dr. Jones

How do we begin to reconcile the loss of such a great man
Someone who always stood at the cutting edge of his medicine,
Passionate in his life and teachings about the healing power of nature
Touching countless lives with his enthusiasm, gentleness, and caring ways.

He succeeded in inspiring a whole new generation of students and doctors
Serving as both teacher and mentor he engaged our minds and opened our hearts,
Challenging us to integrate the science of medicine and wisdom of traditional healing
His legacy as a healer for the ages forever etched across the earth and sky.

He was always exploring and searching for answers to questions
Regarding the deeper and true meaning of the mysteries of life,
A fire lit within his soul that drove his quest for the fruits of knowledge
Which he then readily shared with anyone who was open to listen.

Being a student of life, the earth served as his sacred classroom
Where he believed in the interconnectedness of every living thing,
And he treated life with reverence just as he treated each of his patients
With the endearing qualities of compassion, humility, and charity.

Stories about his life and accomplishments could fill untold volumes
Yet at the essence of the man lies the simplicity of his message to us,
Embrace life and the incredible opportunity to learn from Mother Nature
And believe in yourself, being ever thankful for life’s wonderful gift of love.

a poem by eric steven jones
january 27, 2007