Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time Remembered

I do not remember Bill as a prestigious Naturopathic Physician and scholar. I remember Bill from a time that predates that.

I remember a student of Naturopathic Medicine supporting himself and his growing family as a guitar instructor at Everett Community College. I was his student. His passion for life, family, music, and the outdoors impressed and inspired me and had a great part in shaping me into the person that I am. His musical skill and insight about life, and his passion for his schooling live with me today after years of living out my role as a husband, father of two home-schooled adult children, guitar instructor and worship musician.

I remember getting up early on special Saturdays, meeting Bill at his home before anyone was awake and gently sneaking out to literally run up the slopes of the mountain lake trails of the Cascades, being home before noon to a family breakfast of lamb and eggs. I remember arriving one Saturday morning to do same only to have my hopes dashed by the sight of Bill on the couch grieving because he had just run over not one but two of his guitars, left behind his car the previous evening.

I remember a circle of people gasping in awe, as I stated, "Bill Mitchell, he was my guitar teacher," as if I had just stated that I had been in the presence of some famous actor or the Pope or something.

I remember one of Bill's beautiful young children sitting on his lap around a backyard campfire, nestled between him and his guitar, warm, loved, secure.

I live dusted with a small portion of the essence of the man you all know and admired as Dr. Mitchell. I feel your loss. There is nothing more important than taking the time to experience the joy of being with another person. Time passes.

Tom Hudon

Former guitar student and friend