Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Marriage of Brain and Heart

Bill never stopped surprising us, even in the way he passed. We who knew him, learned from him, and looked up to him are stunned by the end of his story. And yet it is no end, because Bill's potency was great -- as a human, as a healer, and as an educator. The lives he has touched with Spirit continue to embrace his spirit now with love and honor.

As co-presenters over the years at conferences, I had the good fortune to share our stories and many unexpected laughs, while waiting in lunch lines or taking audience questions after a panel. One part of Bill's brilliance for me was his gift for inspiring every listener in a crowded room to nourish the inner marriage of brains and heart. He got us off our soap boxes and fixed positions. Bill inspired me by stating fearlessly his strong opinions, articulated so well that his more astounding statements - such as prescribing people as medicine - carried the ring of truth; that is, once he explained them. The result of time spent with Bill was that we opened our eyes more, used our minds more freely, and spoke from our hearts more truly.

I believe we all walk a path littered with beauty and pain. Bill Mitchell surprised me in the way he walked his road. I am grateful and sorrowful today in equal measures.

Amanda McQuade Crawford, Dip Phyto, RH (AHG), MNIMH, MNZAMH
Consultant Medical Herbalist, Los Angeles, California